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We are foam javelin suppliers and we supply safety equipment for schools, sports halls, leisure centres and athletics clubs. The foam javelins we have available are designed for indoor use by children to develop their throwing skills in a safe environment designed for safe indoor use. They feature a lightweight foam design that has a dependable flight pattern for effective use indoors. A foam javelin is perfect for getting young people involved in an activity from primary school age. Make sure to contact us if you’d like further details on the indoor athletics equipment we have got available.

One of the core skills for the OFSTED sporting curriculum is throwing, so having good quality equipment in schools can be extremely beneficial for children. A foam javelin can give kids a fun introduction to throwing as they are simple to use and are soft so they won’t cause any injuries and therefore allows them to be used and designed for safe indoor use. UK Athletics offers a range of different activities which are often performed at schools and local sports clubs closest to you. By having an indoor foam javelin, this event can be done indoors during wet weather or if the outdoor space is not suitable. Community events could even be held to get more local people involved in sports and healthy lifestyles through friendly competitions. Other disciplines like high jump and discus can also be done with indoor equipment; therefore primary-age children can still enjoy athletics even if it can’t be done outside.

Contact us today through the enquiry form so we can send you the details and costs for foam javelin indoor athletics equipment and all of the other products we supply. Our experts would be happy to answer any of your questions and give you professional advice for your sports facility. Our team offer a number of other products including keg mats - please feel free to mention any other products you wish to find out about in your enquiry too.

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Indoor Throwing Equipment

During children’s early development, throwing is one of the core skills that are recommended for physical activity. From nearby EYFS, nursery, primary school and up to high school physical education, make up the most important skills that children should learn. Our material foam javelin is a great choice for primary schools and their surrounding areas as they give pupils the opportunity to practise throwing using a safe piece of equipment designed for safe indoor use due to their dependable flight pattern.

Having indoor athletics throwing equipment is very beneficial for schools and clubs as it means the events can still be done even if there is bad weather outside or the outdoor area is not in use. This means the kids won't miss out and can still develop their skills without lessons having to be cancelled. A foam javelin can be a great introduction to throwing.

If you would like to receive any more information regarding the Indoor Throwing equipment that we have to offer , then please enter your details into the enquiry box provided. A member of our team will be happy to get back to you and answer any questions you may have.

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Dependable Flight Pattern Foam Javelin

As foam javelin suppliers, we can guarantee that the foam javelin you receive will have a dependable flight pattern to ensure maximum safety for children in an indoor or outdoor space. A dependable flight pattern means that the foam javelin will always safely fly in the same direction when thrown. If a foam javelin doesn't have a dependable flight pattern, it means that it could swerve in the air and go multiple directions if not thrown correctly which could of course lead to potential injury.

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AAA Standards

Amateur Athletics Association is known as AAA within the track and field industry. AAA was the official body responsible for athletics prior to UKA. AAA is currently more involved with the volunteering area of sports and doesn't govern any longer. A number of academic institutions along with organisations within the UK work alongside the AAA. We recommend a variety of activities, including a discus at your school. For details on foam discus products please contact us today. The Amateur Athletic Association supplies open forums, organising competitive events that help with the progression of young athletes. These track and field contests for young athletes made by AAA are highly valued as development equipment for grass root and youngsters for the future. 

The Amateur Athletics Association produces new track and field standards for different sporting activities every year that is then submitted. Results from the past years are used to create these requirements; this then results in four grades into which the very best athletes could fall.

The overall performance requirements for the athletic events are created by databases of information collated throughout the years which are modified every couple of years. Certificates and badges are awarded to youngsters that conform to these kinds of standards. England Athletics and the Amateur Athletic Association make an effort to increase the number of people taking part in sport by giving out plaques and rewards to youngsters attaining Grade One. The AAA Charity for the Young delivers small grants or loans to younger athletes trying to begin their careers. 

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Other Safety Products We Offer

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Please get in touch with our specialist team today if you need some advice about the costs for indoor throwing equipment like a material foam javelin , or if you are interested in any of the other products we have available. It's important that kids have the opportunity to get involved in different sports in the curriculum, so having good sporting facilities provides a lot of benefits and it is important they are designed for safe indoor use and a foam javelin due to its dependable flight pattern.

If these can be used during lessons and in extracurricular activities it is even better. A foam javelin can be a great introduction to throwing for primary-age children. Feel free to ask any questions you have with regard to the design or pricing for our indoor athletics products and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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