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Post Safety Pad Protectors

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Many schools, sports clubs, and building contractors use post safety pad protectors to prevent injuries, or damage to equipment. These are designed to cover exposed poles, columns, and pillars in a range of outdoor areas, particularly in places where people could run into them. Some popular uses include school canopy post protectors, rugby goal post padding, scaffold safety pads, and car park pillar protection. If you're looking for any of these products we supply them to meet your budget requirements so feel free to contact us today.

Our specialist pillar protection covers are made from thick, impact-absorbing foam and come in a range of colour choices to suit any design, and the vibrant colours look great in a children's play area. We can customise the pad protectors to any size and shape, ensuring that any potentially hazardous metal or wood is completely covered. The foam pads are easily fitted with Velcro fastenings, are waterproof and damage resistant, and can be wiped clean if they become dirty.

These effective pole protection mats are perfect for ensuring children are kept safe when running around in playgrounds and sports facilities. Please don't hesitate to contact us today by completing the contact form with your details. We'll get back to you as soon as possible with some more information on the costs and the products we have available including basketball post protectors, canopy pole padding, and floodlight column covers.

There are various other safety padding options that we offer including things like pole vault. For details on pole vault matting please contact us today. Our team will be happy to offer you more details on any of the services we can offer so make sure to speak to us.

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Fence Posts Protectors

You can find fence post protectors in lots of sports and recreational facilities, particularly in schools and community clubs where young children are using the area. The foam padding is placed around any exposed fence poles, floodlight columns, or goalposts with a Velcro fastening for easy application.

By using these post-safety pad defenders, you can ensure children won't hurt themselves if they fall or run into a pole while playing and running around. We can also supply impact padding to mini goal crossbars for multi-use games areas or activity surfaces so children can't bang their heads on an exposed metal or wooden crossbar.

Not only do the protection pads protect people against harm that the poles may cause, but they also protect the posts and property. If you purchase a protective pad for nearby car parks it is likely to prevent damages to the posts as it may make them more visible to the driver, as well as make the impact smaller if the car was to hit the post. This could save your facility money as there could be fewer reactive costs.

Post Protectors Specification

The fence post protectors we supply are extremely versatile and come in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes to suit your design preferences and budget. They can also be used as local rugby goal post defenders, playground shelter pole padding, and car park pillar pads closest to you. With their practical and simple foam design, these protective safety pads can be used to add safety qualities in almost any outdoor space where there is fencing, scaffolding, canopy poles, or other exposed pillars and columns.

If you'd like to receive any more information regarding the Fence Posts Protectors then please feel free to fill out the enquiry box provided.

Post Safety Pad Protectors in

Safeguarding Facilities Near Me

Post Protectors in schools, nurseries, and clubs, as well as their surrounding areas, can be very important as safety is a priority for children and young people. Safeguarding is essential to ensure that there are no hazardous situations that the children may come across. OFSTED has no specific health and safety criteria to follow but paragraph 17 of Ofsted's Common Inspection Framework, says that inspectors will "take prompt and appropriate action on any safeguarding or health and safety issues".

Paragraph 18 also notes that providers must "ensure the good health and safety of inspectors while on their premises". Therefore if there is a pole or fence that could potentially bring harm to a child, it would be best to be proactive and provide protection for your facility. Ofsted also lookout for a variety of activities for kids. We offer soft javelin for indoor sports halls; for details on this please contact us today. Our team can offer advice on how to improve your school for Ofsted inspections, so please speak to us if you need more info.

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Other Safety Products We Offer

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If you have an outdoor play facility or sports court which requires post safety pad protectors such as crossbar padding or netball post protectors, please take a moment to complete our contact form. We'll get in touch with you to talk about all of the different specialist products that we can supply and the costs for each one.

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