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Climbing Wall Matting

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We provide a range of climbing wall matting for use at many different leisure and activity centres. Like any fun activity, the enjoyment is increased when there is an element of safety and peace of mind attached to it. We pride ourselves on our service and wherever necessary we will visit your site to get an accurate measure. We provide close consultancy during the design process to ensure all your needs are met with regards to performance, safety and budget to provide you peace of mind. All our protective mats are then manufactured and shipped complete to be installed either by our team or in many cases we can reduce costs by working with your centre staff to complete your installation.

We offer a range of options for climbing wall matting and have completed many bespoke installations. Our team of local experts closest to you always endeavour to assess and respond to our customer's specific needs and during this process have developed many unique features: Chamfered edges for sit starts, re-enforced drop zones for high wear areas, modular drop zones for interchangeability, extra carpet wear-sheets, bonded carpet tops to create smoother surfaces and carpet covered pads for added protection are just a few of our innovations.

Most bouldering walls up to 4.5metres require 300mm matting to conform to BMC safety guidelines, however, training rooms and smaller walls of up to 2.5 metres may only need 200mm climbing wall matting. We provide both options with a choice of finishing and construction. We also offer various other climbing wall matting such as keg mats. If you would like details on this please get in touch with us today. Our professionals can offer a number of products, if you need info regarding the services we provide, please get in touch with our team.

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Protective Mats for Climbing Walls

Standard depths of 300mm or 200mm. For other depths please enquire using the simple contact form.

Our easy to clean, modular Bouldering Wall Mat is manufactured with composite foam construction and a choice of PVC or bonded carpet tops.

All our mats are joined securely on top and bottom using 200mm wide Hook & Loop joining strips.

There are 9 carpet colours and 5 PVC colours to choose from. We will design and build the mats to fit your area. If you have any special requests please contact us and we will do our best to find you a solution.

Climbing Wall Matting in

Our team can also take care of the fitting or we will work with your team which helps to reduce the cost of the labour for the installation.

  • Hanging Matting - Our specialist hanging climbing wall matting is suitable for climbing walls in nearby schools and sports halls as well as their surrounding areas. They provide a designated start area and it will hang flat against the wall in storage to prevent unsupervised climbing while the wall is not in use.

  • Wall Matting - Developed for added protection of hard surfaces, some of the customers near me requested the same carpet finish as their climbing wall matting can be used as a cushioned wall surface. Wall mats can be a useful addition in confined areas of your installation or to enhance the aesthetic look of your climbing wall facility.

  • Custom Pads and Girder/Post Protectors - We have developed and produced many custom bonded or sewn covers that can assist with safety concerns and provide peace of mind. If you have hard edges, metal girders or posts that you would like to cover with safe protective padding. Please contact us with your requirements and we will design and make a specialist cover to suit your needs.

  • In our experience as suppliers of climbing wall matting, we have worked with numerous customers on different projects. Some of our customers include Reading Climbing Centre in Berkshire, King Kong Climbing Centre in Keswick, RAB Superbloc Wall, Boulders Climbing Centre in Cardiff, Climb Rochdale, Big Rock in Milton Keynes and Brighton and Hove Albion FC. We have received a number of excellent reviews and testimonials of our work on these projects. Please email us by filling in our contact form if you would like more information on our services and the feedback we have received over the years.

Bouldering Wall Bonded Carpet Topped Matting Near Me

We recommend the use of bonded carpet topped climbing wall matting. This system has the advantage over separate bags & carpet top in the following ways:

  1. The carpet is bonded to the top layer of foam within the mat which prevents ruffling.

  2. There is no gap between the carpet and PVC bags which prevents the build-up of chalk between layers.

  3. Individual climbing wall matting can be replaced if and when necessary.

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  • Mat Covers - Topside: 860g/m2 5mm thick Fibre bonded Flame Retardant Carpet sewn to PVC underside. FR tested to BS5287:1989 and BS4790 where it has a low radius (35mm) of effects of ignition. Sewn to PVC undersides.

  • Mat Covers - Underside: 550g/m2 Flame Retardant Double-sided PVC; sewn with Velcro closing. PVC FR was tested to meet the requirements of BS 7837:1996.

  • Mat Foam - Top Layer: 30mm 128kg/m3 Density Combustion Modified Reconstituted Chip-foam bonded to the underside of Carpet. Complies to BS5852:Part2:1982 ignition source 5 when tested under a standard FR polyester woven fabric.

  • Mat Foam - Bottom Layer: 270mm 28kg/m3 Density Open Cell Combustion Modified (CM) Polyurethane Foam. Loose-fitting enables replacement in the long term. Complies to

  • Mat Joints - Mats can join together to cover large areas by means of a combination of 220mm wide Carpet topped Velcro joining strips on the top side of the mats and 200mm wide PVC/Velcro joining strips on the underside.

  • Mat Colour - Our carpet topped climbing wall mats are available in a range of standard carpet colours. Bespoke colours are available on request. The standard PVC colour is blue but is also available in other colours on request. For more details regarding the various specifications, we provide please get in touch with us. Our team offer a number of designs and specs, so please don't be worried to contact us.

  • Bouldering Wall PVC Matting - Similar to the Carpet Topped Mats, PVC Matting joins together to cover large areas.

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For more information on our range of specialist climbing wall matting, please feel free to email us by filling in the simple contact form on this page. We would be happy to discuss the costs of supplying and installing protective safety matting for your facility.

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