Discus Suppliers

Discus Suppliers

As discus suppliers for many primary schools and recreational facilities in the UK, we have the best equipment suitable for all ages.

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Primary Foam Lightweight Discus Suppliers

During school, children can take part in a range of athletics events, so we supply primary foam lightweight discuses which are safe and suitable for indoor use in sports halls. As a popular athletics throwing discipline, discus can be practiced and done in competitive events at schools and local clubs. In order for kids to have an opportunity to enjoy different sports and have a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to have good quality facilities and equipment in schools. We supply these products at good value prices whatever your budget so feel free to contact us if you’d like some more information.

Indoor athletics training has becoming more popular in schools and public leisure centres because sometimes the outdoor space may not be suitable, or could be out of use due to bad weather. By having equipment like the primary foam light weight discuses that can be used safely indoors, children won’t miss out on practising their skills. From Early Years Foundation Stage and nursery groups, into primary and secondary schools, sport and activity are extremely important for children so having safe equipment that they can use is vital. Other products like foam javelins can also be supplied to create a set of indoor sportshall throwing equipment. Throwing is one of the core skills outlined by the National Curriculum for PE lessons and OFSTED recommend having appropriate equipment to use for these UK athletics events.

Please fill in our contact form if you have any questions about the primary light weight foam discus and any other equipment we can supply. We’d be happy to give you more information on the product design and the costs. There are various other products we provide, including MMA matting - http://www.safetymats.org.uk/mma-safety-mats/ - as well as various other safety mats.

Soft Indoor Discus Training Near Me

For nearby primary school age children or even EYFS pupils, the soft indoor training discus is perfect for developing basic skills in throwing for athletics. The lightweight foam design means that the discuses can be used safely indoors in sportshalls and school gyms as they won’t cause any injuries to the children. They could also be used for training at athletics clubs if the outdoor space is not available, so members can still practise their throwing in an indoor facility.

As local specialist suppliers closest to you of a range of athletics features like safety mats and indoor throwing equipment, we can help schools and clubs to choose the right products for their facility. The foam indoor discuses are designed for use by primary school children so they can learn fundamental skills as part of the sports and PE curriculum. By giving younger kids near me an opportunity to participate in different athletics events, it encourages them to be active and maintain a healthy lifestyle, particularly if they find a sport they really enjoy.

Funding of the Sugar Tax

The government put in place a sugar tax in hope to reduce child obesity across the UK. When this tax comes out, high tax will be placed on fizzy drinks and other sugary items. This new tax hopes to encourage businesses to limit the amount of sugar they are putting into their drinks and selling. The money raised from the sugar tax will be used to purchase new sports equipment and features in schools and other sporting facilities as well as their surrounding areas. Some sports equipment that could be bought from this includes foam javelins. For details on this please click here http://www.safetymats.org.uk/sportshall/foam-javelin/ This is to encourage children to take part in physical activity to improve their health and reduce the obesity levels. The tax could help your facility pay for sporting equipment such as the discus equpiment and other sporting activities that you may require.

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For more information on the indoor athletics products we supply and the costs for each one please fill in our contact form and we’ll send you over all the details. The primary foam lightweight discus is a popular piece of equipment for schools and we also offer safe indoor javelins and crash mats for other sports.



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