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Martial Arts Wall Mats

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We are specialist MMA wall mats suppliers. With over 35 years of experience, we are able to help you design the perfect martial arts facility. Our main aim is to create a high-quality service, including the manufacture, supply, and installation process, whilst ensuring the protective floor and wall padding mattresses are safe for the users. Our specialists will work with you to make the whole process much easier for you as we have a variety of knowledge that we can use to make the project process simpler.

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Safety Wall Mats Specification

We are able to alter the size, shape, and other specifications of the safety wall padding to suit your particular facility and requirements. The specialist matting for Dojos and training rooms as well as control/ restraint rooms are available in different colours too; this allows individual training sections and combat rooms to be established in one organisation, making the dojo much more efficient and bespoke to your facility.

Specially made protective wall padding can also be designed and installed to fit around windows, doors, electricity sockets, and other fittings. To find out more about the designs and products that we provide as MMA safety wall mats suppliers, and to discuss the costs of Dojo safety matting, please fill in our contact form provided at the top of this page.

Wall Padding Suppliers

We supply our MMA protective wall pads to local schools, sports clubs, and professional athletic facilities closest to you. We cater to both beginners and experienced martial arts athletes who will need protective surfaces around them whilst participating in their activities.

As we can supply our products to a range of facilities we're able to adapt our designs and wall padding to fit your desired requirements. For schools it is important that young children do not injure themselves, therefore we can increase the depth of the surfacing to soften the falls. However, a nearby school may not need wall padding as large as professional MMA clubs that would be used every day. Therefore we have the ability to adapt and customise the size, depth, and colours to suit your specific facility.

We also offer different specs for our other products, such as climbing wall mats. For details on this please contact us today by filling out the enquiry form. Our team will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries on all the safety mats we provide.

Martial Arts Wall Mats in

Protective Dojo Floor Matting

Our protective dojo floor matting and wall padding both have a PVC surface which allows them to be wiped down and cleaned efficiently. They are also lightweight and can be fitted to the walls easily as they have hook and loop fixings on the back. Hook and loop fastenings are very secure and safe for wall mats. The flooring mattresses are all flame resistant and are available in a variety of PVC coverings depending on what type of facility you have; for example, Dojos may have the Tatami grain surfacing type, whereas schools may install the standard wall mats in their surrounding areas.

It is advised that a specially reinforced PVC safety mattress is installed for training and control and restraint rooms, in order to protect the people in the facility. The martial arts safety wall mats for combat rooms vary due to the amount of impact the wall mats will have to withstand. It is vital that you have the correct martial arts surfacing fitted by MMA wall mat suppliers in order to be sure that the people using the facility will be safe and free from injury and potential hazards.

A number of martial arts, including karate, judo, mixed martial arts fighting and many more can be performed in Dojos that have safety wall mats installed. A Dojo is a Japanese term meaning "place of the way". This is a place where any form of MA can be performed and trained.

The safety mattresses provide a protective surfacing for the users that will help to reduce the number of injuries and stress to their ankles and knees, due to the shock and impact absorbing properties of the protective wall padding qualities. We also offer safety wall mats for high jumps and other activities. For details on high jump matting, contact us today. The impact-absorbing properties of our products provide a more enjoyable and comfortable experience for all different types of martial arts and activities.

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Other Safety Products We Offer

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The selection of protective dojo floor matting we have available will help create a functional, safe environment for you either to train in or have as a control facility. If you require any more information, please fill in the contact form and a member of our team will be in contact with you to talk about the costs of our products.

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