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We supply a range of high jump landing mats in Buckinghamshire MK18 2 with different sizes and designs available for schools, clubs and international competitions.

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High Jump Landing Mat in Buckinghamshire

We are a leading high jump landing mat manufacturer in Buckinghamshire MK18 2 for schools, leisure centres and other athletics facilities. Our safety surfaces are manufactured using heavy duty PVC covers and standard foam inners. To find out more about our safety matting, please contact us today.

They also feature Velcro closing on two sides, 4 carrying handles and buckle fastenings for easy transportation. All of the high jump landing areas we supply include a reversible spike proof wearsheet with 50mm foam inner. Our high jump equipment comes in a range of different sizes and designs to suit your requirements and to help keep costs down for your organisation. Make sure you get in touch with us if you are looking for smaller mats or bigger mats.


Which High Jump Area is Right for You?

There are a range of different high jump landing mats that we can supply to protect users during recreational practice sessions or local competitive events closest to you in Buckinghamshire. Depending on how your athletics facility, and the surrounding areas, is used and the price range you have available, our specialists can advise you on the best choice of safety matting for your level of participation. High jump landing mats provide a range of many benefits to facilities across the UK to ensure a safer high jump landing for everyone. Check below for dimensions and pricing information for our athletics mats:

  • Schools – 4.88m x 2.44m x 0.56m - Suitable for Teaching, Training & Multi-use
  • Club - 5m x 2.5m x 0.56m - Teaching and Training - Suitable Teaching & Training
  • International 1 - 5m x 3m x 0.60m - Complies with UKA regulations for competition
  • International 2 - 5m x 3.2m x 0.70m - Complies with UKA regulations for competition, complies with IAAF Rule 182 for regional competition
  • Stadium - 6m x 4m x 0.70m - Complies with IAFF Rule 182 for top level competition
  • Grand Prix - 7m x 4m x 0.70m - Complies with IAFF Rule 182 for top level competition

Suitable Safety Mats for each facility in Buckinghamshire

Schools High Jump Area – These are made up of Safety Mattress units - 3 ‘A’ modules (8’ x 5’ 4” x 10”) and 4 x ‘B’ modules (8’ x 4’ x 10”) – This is a flexible option designed so that a mat can be used for other activities and be easily stored as separate units. The athletics safety surfaces are manufactured using durable PVC covers, all have Hook and Loop closing on two sides, 4 carrying handles and toggles/loops in each corner. Bases are heavy-duty anti-slip PVC for maximum protection and durability. Each of these school high-jump landing mats in Buckinghamshire includes a wearsheet to prevent damage. We can also provide a school high-jump area coverall made from PVC coated nylon – this acts to bind high jump mats together and prevents wear and tear.

Club High-Jump Area – These products are manufactured using PVC covers and standard foam inners for impact absorption. They each have Hook and Loop closing on two sides, 4 carrying handles and buckle fastening for efficient storage and transportation. Each high-jump mat includes a reversible spike-proof wearsheet with 50mm foam inner and cut-outs for jumping stands. The club standard high jump mats comprise of 3 Units - 5m x 2.5m x 0.56m.

International High Jump Mats – These are created with heavy-duty PVC covers and soft foam inners to provide comfort and maximum safety. The International level safety mats have Hook and Loop closing on two of the sides and also feature 4 carrying handles and buckle fastenings which makes them easy to move around and put away when not in use. All international high-jump landing areas include a reversible wearsheet with 50mm foam inner.

  • International 1 – 3 units, 5m x 3m x 0.60m - complies with UKA regulations
  • International 2 – 3 units, 5m x 3m x 0.70m - complies with IAAF Rule 182 recommended size for regional competition.

Stadium & Grand Prix High-Jump Areas – These are made from spongy foam inners which absorb impact, and PVC covers that are resistant to damage and wear. The safety surfaces include carrying handles, buckles fastenings and hooks and loops on two sides which allow you to move and store them easily. All International Athletics Landing Mats include a reversible spike-proof wearsheet with 50mm foam inner. The Stadium and Grand Prix High-Jump Areas comply with IAAF Rule 182 recommended size.

  • Stadium - 3 units, 6m x 4m x 0.70m
  • Grand Prix - 3 units, 7m x 4m x 0.70m

Please use our quick contact form to send us your details if you have any other requirements or would like details on purchasing a jumping surface or other types of athletics safety matting for nearby schools, clubs or international events. We can also offer products for other athletics facilities like discus. 

For details on discus products please get in touch by leaving your full name and telephone number by filling out the enquiry form. As local specialist suppliers closest to you, we will be able to advise you on all of the different dimensions and specifications to suit your enquiry and your budget.


Useful Notes for Care of Safety Mats Near Me

Our high-jump safety pads are manufactured using durable materials. With care, the high jump equipment range and pads should give many years of service in in Buckinghamshire. However, a few simple measures implemented during the high jump mats' heavy use and storage will extend their life.

Handling - Safety surfaces should always be carried and never dragged. When carrying the larger foam crash-mats always ensure that any bend in the mat is such that the P.V.C. side is stretched i.e. the black side is on the inside of the bend.

Storage - Never fold high jump mats in two and always store the pads stacked flat, no higher than head height when considering the total height. When stacking the foam surface, be sure to place the first mat black side down and all subsequent mats black side up. Avoid extremes of temperature and always store your safety pads in a dry area.

Cleaning – High-jump landing mats should be cleaned regularly by wiping the whole P.V.C. surface with a soft damp cloth using soapy water. DO NOT immerse the foam in water or use any form of detergent or solvent for cleaning the surface – soapy water only may be used.

During Use - Always ensure the surface on which the high jump mats are placed is even and dry.

DO NOT wear studs, spikes or any hard footwear that may puncture the surface of the pads.


Other Safety Products We Offer

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